About Us

A little bit about who we are and what we’re about:

Here at the Republic of Liverpool Beer Company our aim is to be a little bit political (but only with a small p). Nothing too heavy but still, each beer will tag along with a political theme. Any political message will be local to Liverpool and Liverpool’s spirit to never give up and fight for what we believe. I suppose you could say The Republic of Liverpool Beer Company is “bottling Liverpool’s rebellious spirit”.

The other string to our bow is our cult, Republic of Liverpool merchandise. Already proving to be highly popular, down to the fantastic designs, our aim is to build up our merchandise line as we go. Check out our tee’s and much more at here.

We have set up the Republic of Liverpool Beer Company Ltd because we are passionate about our handcrafted real ales, and equally passionate about the fantastic city we live in.

For decades Liverpool has had a rebellious attitude unlike any other city in Britain, so much so that it led many other parts of the country to resent us. We stand up to establishment, refusing to lie down and be walked over.

It is now apparent that with the massive increase in tourism that many people from the UK and abroad now see our city for what it is: vibrant, exciting, interesting, friendly, humorous, rebellious, and so on.

For centuries, London and the South East have bled the rest of the Country dry, taking wealth from Scotland and Ireland (when part of our Great Britain!), Wales and the North of England. The North South divide is at a level now of being obscene and unacceptable. It may be that Independence should be an option for us too…….?

Beers to start a revolution.