Northern Powerhouse… MY ARSE!

At last, we launch our first beer today at the fantastic Ship and Mitre Pub, Dale Street, Liverpool, from 16:00hrs onwards……!!   The first beer is titled NORTHERN POWERHOUSE …MY ARSE, in keeping with our belief that the only part of this country that matters is London and the South East. Anyone north and west of Watford can forget it!


Do you realise that the new runway at Heathrow will “benefit the whole of the UK”…….”77,000 jobs will be created…locally?”  Didn’t know that Newcastle is local to London.  Chris Grayling went there on Wednesday to tell them of the economic benfits to them, of Heathrow expansion. I am sure they were persuaded that Newcastle’s economy is soon to boom because of this.

The Republic of Liverpool Beer Company says ……MY ARSE!

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Liverpool Bans The Sun

shunGreat news……. Liverpool City Councillors voted unanimously last night to encourage retailers to boycott The Sun (see here).

Following on from Asda banning it from 11 of their stores and a large number of newsagents doing the same across Merseyside, the Council’s backing could help elevate the number of businesses and shop keepers joining the campaign to boycott The Sun.